Oncocheck is a unique solution for cancer
prognosis and monitoring

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement number 738707

What is it?

The majority of cancer cells share a common feature that is the ability for survival and proliferation with critically short telomeres. Oncocheck is a simple blood test based on the determination of telomere length that will allow oncologists to predict and evaluate disease progression in patients affected by the great majority of cancers.

Our mission

ONCOCHECK’s objective is to prove the clinical value of telomere-related variables as cancer biomarkers. For this purpose, different molecular biomarkers will be tested with Life Length’s patented technology in patients’ blood samples affected by the great majority of cancers, with no distinction between hematological or solid tumors.

The Oncocheck project

ONCOCHECK is based on the evaluation of variables related to telomere biology, which are blood cell markers that have been identified in the majority of cancers. The great advantage of the ONCOCHECK test over any competing blood test for cancer tumor markers is that ONCOCHECK will serve for monitoring virtually all types of cancer. Competing tumor marker based solutions are useful only for a specific cancer/tumor. Therefore, Life Length’s Telomere Analysis Technology® will offer a universal solution for cancer monitoring with no competitors offering a similar approach.


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