the ONCOCHECK will be carried out in partnership with 32 Spanish hospitals




Niño Jesús Children’s University Hospital

The University Children´s Hospital Niño Jesús, birthplace of the pediatric specialty in Spain, is a pediatric health center of reference at the national level from its foundation in 1877. Scientific and researching work, endorsed by the prestige of the professionals who perform the best clinical practice, has been strengthened in the last two years thanks to the launching of the Foundation for Biomedical Research of the University Children´s Hospital Niño Jesús for the Biomedical Research.



Reina Sofía University Hospital

Reina Sofia University Hospital has 8 healthcare centers, 42 clinical management units and over 5.000 healthcare professionals globally. The hospital is involved in a vast number of research projects. Biomedical research is carried out in collaboration with Cordoba’s Maimonides Institute for Biomedical Research (IMIBIC).



Clara Campal Integral Oncology Centre (CIOCC)

The Clara Campal Integral Oncology Centre (HM CIOCC), which belongs to HM Sanchinarro University Hospital brings a new concept of cancer treatment which is unique in Spain and is considered an international benchmark through its multidisciplinary, comprehensive and personalized medical assistance. The center enjoys the use of the most advanced technology of diagnostic imaging, with 64 slices scan, 3T closed MRI, top notch ‘open’ MRI, intraoperative resonance, Da Vinci chirurgic system of robotic assistance, PET-CT, nuclear medicine and prone table mammography, providing maximal accuracy in the definition of all types of tumors.





Madrid’s Association of Hematology and Hemotherapy (AMHH)

The mission of the AMHH is to safeguard and contribute to the proper development of Hematology and Hemotherapy in Spain. It’s activities are focused on raising the professional, teaching and research level of its specialists and, therefore, on the continuous improvement of the quality of care that hematologist give to their patients every day.



12th October Hospital

Nowadays, the 12th October Hospital is one of the most prestigious health centers, nationally and internationally, thanks to its technologic equipment, facilities and work developed by its more than 6.000 professionals. This recognition is projected not only in its facets of care, but also in teaching and research.



Virgen del Rocío Hospital

The Virgen del Rocío Hospital is made of seven health care centers, three industrial buildings, two administrative centers, a management pavilion and a mental health area, consisting of thirteen units.

It belongs to the Andalusian public health system and it is a third level hospital whose field of influence includes Sevilla and Huelva, in West Andalusia. Provided with a portfolio of high complexity services that stands out because of the incorporation of state-of-the-art technology.